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Lie Your Face Off! update - Iconography and card cleanups

This week was a good one for Lie Your Face Off! I did a lot of design work on the cards, which involved replacing the standard Place actions with icons to represent the actions:

After a solo playtest with these, they're clearly superior for gameplay, and much nicer looking. I also took the advice of one of my friends and unified the Place actions per Lie card, which I don't know why I didn't have before. Thanks! I also tweaked some other aspects of the card design, adding the Parents Question at the bottom of the Lies, adjusting positioning of a few items so they align better, and adding a very thin inset-like border on the card border, to help the interior stand out. Since I plan on self-publishing this first game, I want to make sure the art is super-solid, and I definitely feel like it's improving in the right direction. There were a few Embellishment text clarifications, and I know I'll have to make one more sweep over those before I consider them solid. I also need to get some playtesting with other people in on the first as-yet-unnamed expansion going. Those Clarify actions aren't going to test themselves!

I also am testing a variation on story completion. Once you get five Lies on a story, it doesn't become out of play just yet -- the other players have a chance to pick at it before it finalizes. I've done one playthrough so far, and it made certain parts of the game harder and more nail biting, so I'll keep it for now.

Also, I got my color printer working well with Linux and printed myself some fancy color cards. Waaaaaaaay better than streaky yellow paper ones!

As usual, print'n'play the PDF and look at the instructions here.

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