Undertale/Deltarune Fan Art

Undertale and Deltarune kinda surprised me with how much I got into them. Spoilers ahoy if you haven’t played all the endings of Undertale and the first chapter of Deltarune, but, come on, the games are on every platform, it’ll take you, like, 20 hours total, and you can buy an Undertale Switch gift card for yourself as part of your Target run. If I can do it, so can you.

Twitch Stream Fanart

For every episode in my Twitch stream, I made a piece of fanart. New art will be posted after each episode. I didn’t do art for the first two episodes, so the art starts from episode 3. I drew it all in Autodesk Sketchbook and tried out some different art stuff in some of the pieces.

Frisk holds a dusty toy knife and looks back Sans is confused Papyrus has spaghetti and Monster Kid looks on Undyne is ready to strike Monster Kid is ready to help Undyne Alphys eats noodles and watches a very real anime Muffet can take credit cards Asgore is in his throne room Bratty and Catty offer you a Mysterious Key Asriel carries Chara Frisk has a dusty stick Frisk threatens Snowdrake Alphys hides the Snowdin Town shopkeep Sans notices something Susie enters class Ralsei explains Kris's SOUL

Other Fanart

Alphys holds some anime