Fixing a Lenovo ThinkPad Pro Pen with some Conductive Thread

I have a few Lenovo ThinkPad Pro Pens I use on my laptops for drawing, but I’ve always had issues when changing the batteries. The main issue is that the small spring in the cap that touches the AAAA battery seems to get slightly deformed over time, so the battery starts losing contact. After a year or two of use, I’ve always had to fiddle with them every battery change to get them working again, losing valuable drawing time…and then I remembered I had some Adafruit conductive thread from another project:

ThinkPad Pro Pen with conductive thread in the cap spring

I cut a few short lengths of thread and slid them just over the top of the spring, so they bulged out a few thread-widths from the spring. Once I did that, the connection with the battery was solid, making battery changes smooth again.