Godot Learning - Part 8


Success! I got my player to walk behind the rabbit by placing both in a YSort:

But I have to make sure everything map-related goes into the YSort. My Exit Nodes were outside the YSort, so when I warped back into the larger first Map, I ended up in a weird spot. Also, moving all of the input logic to Main and pushing down events to Map and such is the way to go.

Next is making my TileMaps be the kind where the player can walk “behind” them.

Android Export

I got the game to export to Android, as I already had the Android environment installed for React Native and NativeScript-Vue compilation:

I hooked up a USB controller via an OTG cable and got the game to react to inputs, but, as expected, the YAML data didn’t work, so I’ll need to hook up a preflight script to covert YAML to JSON and use the JSON loader on Android, or just use JSON everywhere and run a watcher to convert YAML on-the-fly while I work.