Lenovo ThinkPad Pen Pro Troubleshooting

Some of these instructions are specific for Linux. All of them are the process I need to remember to walk through to get the pen working correctly. I also have 8 rechargeable AAAA batteries and two Pen Pros.

  • Does the docked pen work? The docked pen is too uncomfortable to use for long-term drawing and it’s only for testing at this point.
    • If no, check dmesg for kfifo events.
      • If kfifo events, sudo rmmod wacom; sudo modprobe wacom
  • Does the Pen Pro work on another ThinkPad? I have two Yogas: a personal one and one for work.
    • If yes, try restarting the one the pen does not work on.
  • Try all batteries in the first Pen Pro.
    • Remove the existing battery.
    • Put the new battery in but don’t screw the cap on all the way.
    • Hold the pen tip up to the screen.
    • Slowly screw the top on, then unscrew it.
      • If you see the mouse moving, congrats, you got it.
      • If not try a new battery.
  • Try all batteries in the other Pen Pro.
  • If no batteries work in any Pen Pro, recharge all the batteries and try again.
  • If they still don’t work, clean the screw threads in the caps of the pens with alcohol and try again.
  • If they still don’t work, add conductive thread to the cap to increase the contact area, though I don’t know how much that helps now that I’ve had that setup for about a year now.

I really hate needing styluses that take or contain batteries. Older Wacoms (and Samsung S-Pens) were fine without them. :/ And I hate the idea of buying a bunch of AAAA alkaline batteries and throwing them away just to draw.