Godot Learning - Part 1

I’m learning how to use the Godot game engine and so I’m going to start keeping my notes on my blog so I can remember them, and hopefully gather resources that may help you.

My goal is to rebuild an ancient RPG I made called Final Existence on the Amiga in AMOS Basic, which was a YA alternate universe apocalyptic game that looked and felt a lot like Chrono Trigger. I’ve become a bigger fan of ARPGs lately, and I’ll rebuild it using that paradigm.

There are a crap ton of tutorials out there, but I’ve been having trouble gathering all the pieces I want together to build an ARPG, and there’s a lot of moving parts in Godot, so this is my attempt to wrangle all that together in one place for myself.

So, on with the notes:

What do I (think I) need next?

What have I found?

Solution to “RPG Map with tiles and doors”