Resurrecting hugo-sandstorm

Update: I am now maintaining hugo-sandstorm and new releases will come out shortly after releases of Hugo come out. It also comes with a pretty functional administrative interface if you need to crank out a blog post on the go. This site, and my webcomic sites, are also running on the new app. Give static publishing on an awesome self-hosted app server a try!

Update 2: I am no longer maintaining hugo-sandstorm.

I use Hugo on Sandstorm to publish all of my sites, since it’s super-simple, pretty flexible, doesn’t require a database, and plays nice with Webpack so I can get styles and code and stuff. The existing Hugo app for Sandstorm is super out-of-date, so I’m working on updating the app for modern Hugo and NodeJS.

I have the forked repo up on GitHub and I’m going to move all of my sites over to it to stress-test it, and once that’s good, I’m going to see if I can restore the administrative interface and get a new version published. I really like both Sandstorm and static publishing, and I want to see both get better and be able to take advantage of the newer tools out there.

Plus, finding Hugo 0.20-specific docs is basically impossible now, so it saves us all a lot of time searching.