2019-08-09 Music

Children of Nova - The Complexity of Light

Very much in the vein of other bands I like (Coheed & Cambria, TREOS), and, as the title says, complex. I’ll have to give it another listen, but I like it a bunch.

Lost Years - Amplifier

Solid synthwave, a little darker than I usually like. I give it 1.5 yellow Lamborghinis.

Arcade High - Kingdom

Synthwave-y and video game-y. I give it three quarters put on the ledge of the Gauntlet machine.

The Dear Hunter - Migrant (Deluxe)

It’s The Dear Hunter. It’s some of the best indie prog you’ll hear, and you don’t need to listen to 5+ albums to get the full experience like with The Acts or Color Spectrum. It’s just this album. Listen to it. It’s pretty mellow.