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Issue 1

Get a signed copy of Issue 1, Welcome to Togil Castle, as well as a signed Issue 1 postcard. Or, pay what you want for the digital version of the comic!

Rynaw Hamagan is a metalsmith who takes over for his deceased master at the second largest castle in the realm. Can he and his expecting wife handle big city life, and can Rynaw take over from where his master left off?

Pay what you want!

Pay what you want for!

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Issue 2

Get a signed copy of Issue 2, Lord Tasywack, as well as a signed Issue 2 postcard.

Lord Lleedle Tasywack, ruler of Togil Castle, outlines his big project to Rynaw. Will Rynaw accept the offer, or will he object to protect his family?

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Approved Sticker

The Pholemists, the most popular religious order in North Borol, are very strict about what technology the public can use. Prove that your laptop, tablet, or other advanced technology is approved for most uses!

Tasywack Squirrel Sticker

The Tasywacks made their money with squirrel farms after a big war, and so they honor that with this crest! This one is worn on the uniforms of the guards at Togil Castle, and you can adorn your favorite things with it as well!