Cortex Fan Art

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Cortex fan art

I just finished listening to the latest episode of Cortex (episode 49) and decided to finally get this up and posted, since Myke was asking for stories from listeners about how the podcast helped them. I’m on my second listen through the series. The first time through, my own comics and art business was in shambles. I had no real organization or structure, and my only goal was “draw more comic pages”. After that first listen, I realized that, if I wanted to make this art and comics thing real, I had to do more, and do it smater. So I started making checklists, doing weekly and monthly reviews of both my business and personal worlds, fixed up my VPS so I can use it for real productivity (thanks to Sandstorm), and made so many other changes, most that I’ve highlighted in the fanart above. Of course I don’t do every little thing that was covered in Cortex…that would just be silly…but I did zag pretty hard on a few changes in my business and my life. I’m feeling pretty confident that I can cobble together a good working creative business by the end of this year. Thanks Myke and Grey!