2019-10-14 Music

Oct 14, 2019

The Darkness - Easter is Cancelled

I had “Permission To Land” on repeat on my iPod 3rd gen after both came out. Big, loud, raunchy, and a real time capsule of the early 2000s. I tried listening to the albums that came after and they never hooked me quite like “Permission To Land” did (and I just tried “Pinewood Smile” after taking “Easter is Cancelled” for a spin to confirm this, though I think I missed one or two in the middle there).

This album, though…I think I’ve listened to it about ten times so far. It’s way more old school metal than hard rock, their big stadium sound and production is all there, and the songs seem a lot more mature than the jokey-yet-quality songs on “Permission To Land”. Take this one for a spin:

Jakub Zytecki - Nothing Lasts, Nothing’s Lost

I forget how I found about Disperse (maybe GPM recommendation?) but I’m glad I did. I normally don’t like noodly guitar stuff, but for some reason I really like Jakub’s work. Foreword, Wishful Lotus Proof, and this album are all great, and this one is way more eclectic and over-the-place than the other two.

Flying Colors - Third Degree

I think I’ve heard some Flying Colors on various prog rock avenues on the Internet before, but this is the first time I’ve listened to one of their albums from start to finish. It’s got Mike Portnoy and Neal Morse, so it’s super heavy on the neo-prog front with a lot of hard rocking bits. It deserves a few more spins, for sure.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Season 2

Oct 12, 2019

Wow. Watch this series. You don’t need any other knowledge about Gundam other than there are giant robot outfits that beat the crap out of each other, that there’s political intrigue, and that war sucks. So far my top three favorite Gundam series don’t have a single Newtype to be found, and I have no problem keeping it that way.

Aggretsuko - Netflix Seasons 1 & 2 + Christmas

Aug 31, 2019

Started end of August 2019, will live on forever in my heart.

Cute animals, salaryperson culture, and death metal? Sign me up. Also, I wish the startups I worked for had noodle slides. That would be a lot healthier than the mounds of candy they usually end up providing employees. The Christmas episode would probably pair nicely with a fine “Nosedive” from Black Mirror. Season 2 is awesome as well. Also, I never thought I’d have a hankering to cosplay as a Sanrio character, but I kinda want to do a punk Haida for an anime con:

haita is pathetic

I also have the original 100 Sanrio shorts to watch.

2019-08-26 Music

Aug 26, 2019

Google Play Music’s recommendations for this post-Abstractions back-to-work day:

Infinity Shred - Forever A Fast Life

Both mellow and heavy. A great album to listen to on my return to work.

Amarionette - Evolution

Melodic post-hardcore, a little funky and mellow, another good choice for this morning. Also, very naughty. Don’t put this into your work Slack’s #music channel.

2019-08-14 Music

Aug 14, 2019

Google’s recommendations for the day:

Acres - Lonely World

Melodic and crunchy, a good album for this morning.

Mega Ran - Meyond the Stars: A Mixtape

I don’t listen to a lot of rap, but I think I’ll be going through Mega Ran’s catalog a bit more.

Monarch - Beyond the Blue Sky

Trippy. I was kinda zoning out half-napping when it was on and it was great for that. It’ll need another listen when I’m more awake.

The Rocket Summer - Sweet Shivers

Pretty great indie alternative music. Eclectic and interesting. Keep Going is the standout track for me.

Sometimes I forget what media I’ve seen/read/listened to and what I thought of it. Hopefully this will help me remember.