Aggretsuko - Netflix Seasons 1 & 2 + Christmas

Aug 31, 2019

Started end of August 2019, will live on forever in my heart.

Cute animals, salaryperson culture, and death metal? Sign me up. Also, I wish the startups I worked for had noodle slides. That would be a lot healthier than the mounds of candy they usually end up providing employees. The Christmas episode would probably pair nicely with a fine “Nosedive” from Black Mirror. Season 2 is awesome as well. Also, I never thought I’d have a hankering to cosplay as a Sanrio character, but I kinda want to do a punk Haida for an anime con:

haita is pathetic

I also have the original 100 Sanrio shorts to watch.

2019-08-26 Music

Aug 26, 2019

Google Play Music’s recommendations for this post-Abstractions back-to-work day:

Infinity Shred - Forever A Fast Life

Both mellow and heavy. A great album to listen to on my return to work.

Amarionette - Evolution

Melodic post-hardcore, a little funky and mellow, another good choice for this morning. Also, very naughty. Don’t put this into your work Slack’s #music channel.

2019-08-14 Music

Aug 14, 2019

Google’s recommendations for the day:

Acres - Lonely World

Melodic and crunchy, a good album for this morning.

Mega Ran - Meyond the Stars: A Mixtape

I don’t listen to a lot of rap, but I think I’ll be going through Mega Ran’s catalog a bit more.

Monarch - Beyond the Blue Sky

Trippy. I was kinda zoning out half-napping when it was on and it was great for that. It’ll need another listen when I’m more awake.

The Rocket Summer - Sweet Shivers

Pretty great indie alternative music. Eclectic and interesting. Keep Going is the standout track for me.

MonsterVision - Maximum Overdrive

Aug 13, 2019

A serious, cautionary tale about the dangers of autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence.

That’s not the synopsis I would give for Maximum Overdrive. This weird Stephen King-directed film is quite the production, that’s for sure. 🚛🚛

MST3K - Laserblast

Aug 13, 2019

Puppet aliens leave a literal arm cannon around for a fan of AOR and Southern Rock to find and, subsequently, go crazy with and start shooting cars and planes and stuff.

Sometimes I forget what media I’ve seen/read/listened to and what I thought of it. Hopefully this will help me remember.