2019-08-09 Music

Aug 09, 2019

Children of Nova - The Complexity of Light

Very much in the vein of other bands I like (Coheed & Cambria, TREOS), and, as the title says, complex. I’ll have to give it another listen, but I like it a bunch.

Lost Years - Amplifier

Solid synthwave, a little darker than I usually like. I give it 1.5 yellow Lamborghinis.

Arcade High - Kingdom

Synthwave-y and video game-y. I give it three quarters put on the ledge of the Gauntlet machine.

The Dear Hunter - Migrant (Deluxe)

It’s The Dear Hunter. It’s some of the best indie prog you’ll hear, and you don’t need to listen to 5+ albums to get the full experience like with The Acts or Color Spectrum. It’s just this album. Listen to it. It’s pretty mellow.

Inside Out

Aug 08, 2019

Amygdalas run amok in a movie I’d put off watching for a while and now wish I hadn’t. Couple watching this movie with playing the super hard platformer Celeste and you’ll have what I think is a good introduction to some interesting modern neuroscience and some ways to look at and deal with your own issues.

Music - 2019-08-08

Aug 08, 2019

Northlane - Alien

Loud, growling lyrics and deep, chunky guitars. Recommended because they’re like Periphery. Got some more melodic stuff on there, too.

The Valley Ends - Hearth

Very moody, a little shoegaze-y, definitely heavy in parts. I like it.

Russian Circles - Blood Year

Instrumental, proggy, varying styles in all the songs. Pretty good.

Sleeptalk - Desert Daze

Emo and indie as heck, and even a little dancy. I like it.

Baggage - Life in Misophonia

Also very indie and emo and a little lo-fi. It’s all right.

Cory Wong - Motivated Music for the Syncopated Soul

One word: funky.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Season 2

Aug 04, 2019

An amazing, brutal, heart-wrenching end to the series. This one and Turn A Gundam have easily become my two favorite 50 episode Gundam series, with 08th MS Team and Unicorn being my favorite shorter series.

You’re gonna need something very lighthearted after this one, though.

Current Mobile Suit Gundam Rankings

Aug 01, 2019

In order of “Likelihood I watch this again or recommend it to others”:

  1. 08th
  2. Iron-Blooded Orphans
  3. Turn A
  4. Unicorn
  5. Granddaddy
  6. War in Pocket
  7. ZZ
  8. Zeta
  9. Char’s Counterattack
  10. Stardust Memory
  11. F91
  12. Victory
  13. IGLOO

Not rated/watched yet:

Sometimes I forget what media I’ve seen/read/listened to and what I thought of it. Hopefully this will help me remember.